I. The search for 2023 Gawad Galing Kooperatiba is open to all primary cooperatives with the following qualifications:

  1. Coops registered with Cooperative Development Authority for at least three years in operation as of December 31, 2022;
  2. Area of operation is within the Province of Bulacan;
  3. Must be compliant to CDA requirement for the year 2022
  4. Has shown meritorious achievement in the area of cooperative organization, management, financial and participation in community development;
  5. Must be operationally gainful:
    • Audited financial statement 2020, 2021, 2022 (MOV)
  6. Has not been conferred as Hall of Fame Awardee.

II. Qualified primary cooperatives shall be chosen as this year’s winners, based on the following category and classification:

  1. Micro Scale Category
  2. Small Scale Category
  3. Medium Scale Category
  4. Large Scale Category

III. The participating/nominated primary cooperatives will be judged according to the following criteria and its corresponding percentage distribution:

Micro & Small Medium Large
A. Organizational Aspect 25% 15% 10%
B. Management Aspect 35% 35% 35%
C. Financial Aspect 35% 35% 35%
D. Participation in Community Development 5% 15% 20%

IV. The search for GGK will undertake a series of activities in determining the winners, generally group according to the following stages:

Nomination form together with mechanics in the Search of Gawad Galing Kooperatiba will be distributed to all qualified primary cooperatives informing them of this year’s search.  Stated in the said forms are important aspects of cooperative activities that will be evaluated.  Attached to the nomination notice is a confirmation slip to be returned to PCEDO Office to signify their intention to join the search.

A screening and evaluation committee from the local and national government, Hall of Fame League and academe, will be created to screen and evaluate the validity of records presented before them during the screening process. Records to be evaluated includes the audited financial statements, books of accounts, minutes of the meetings, business and training plans among others. Guided by a grading system which was formulated earlier, this committee will provide the corresponding grade that commensurate to the degree of accomplishments of the cooperative being evaluated. Results of the evaluation will then be summarized and forwarded to the Awards Committee.

Results of the evaluation submitted to the Awards Committee will be again deliberated upon based on specific merits of each of the nominated cooperatives.  Having arrived at common concerns this committee will formally announce the winners.

V. The nominated cooperative, regardless of its type (Agricultural or Non-Agricultural) can win as many awards in each of the three (3) categories at stake. This means that a cooperative who won in a particular category in the previous year is still eligible to enter in that same category. However, should the age of the cooperative exceed the category level, the cooperative must vie in the next category

VI. The Hall of Fame Awards will be conferred to a cooperative who have already won at least one of each category.  However, this cooperative shall be evaluated and should pass the required standard.

VII. The nominated cooperative shall be conferred as winner if they were able to attain the scoring standard stated below: 

Micro & Small Medium Large
A. Organizational Aspect 85 85 85
B. Management Aspect 85 85 85
C. Financial Aspect 85 85 85
D. Community Development Aspect 75 80 85

VIII. Awards

  1. Hall of Fame
  2. ACE
  3. Large Scale Category
  4. Medium Scale Category
  5. Small Scale Category
  6. Micro Scale Category
  7. Special Citation